The Journey Has Just Begun…

29th May

There seems to be a few distinct groups of people in this tech savvy world we live in – those who blog as their business, those who blog about their business, those who follow, and let’s not forget about those who don’t have a clue what a blog is. I’m sad to say that that before I met Annie Sloan, I was definitely in the latter category.  Annie was the first person to expose me to the idea of a blogger and I questioned how this could be so popular.  I didn’t know enough to embrace it.  I started to dabble and read and bounce around to get familiar with this whole new virtual world of creativity.

At that time, life was moving way too fast.  I was launching a new product, recruiting my first 7 Stockists, prepping for Annie’s first American Tour, the kick-off in New Orleans on March 1, 2011, and trying to finish my new home all while I was about 37 weeks pregnant with a big baby boy.  I can honestly say I would pat my belly every day and say to Christian, “be a good little boy and stay in there until we kick off the Tour.”  He did listen!

The Stockists kick-off Party at my home last year- whew I made it.

During this crazy time, my Stockist Patty Seaman from New Jersey, mentioned that she was contacted by a DIY blogger, Miss Mustard Seed, and asked if I would be willing to send her some product to try.  Of course I would- what could it hurt?  Little did I know that good old Miss Mustard Seed would change my perceptions of blogs FOREVER!  On March 17, 2001 she posted this:

From that moment, Louis Blue and Old White were flying off the shelf, production could not keep up and Stockists were shipping product all over the country. People were calling because they saw us on Miss Mustard Seed! I became a believer – blogs are incredible! Things we all love could be shared in an instant and information has the potential to become viral…

Fast forward a year later, and life is still moving fast.  We just wrapped the 2nd Annie Sloan American Tour, meanwhile my daughter turned 6, my son turned 1, I am still trying to finish my house, and I now have close to 200 Stockists across the U.S. and Canada.  The groups are all intertwined now; we have Stockists that blog, Bloggers that are Stockists, all of us are followers and there are less people around me that don’t have a clue.  Wow, how much we have evolved in the blogosphere!  There was just one last step for me – to create my own blog…

The Stockists kick-off Party 2012- how much we have grown.

The last few weeks, I have been a little nervous.  Where do I begin? I have watched the bloggers around me on how they document their experiences and I keep telling them, “You see I need to start thinking like a blogger!”  So here it is, the beginning of my journey to share with you my experiences and inspirations of Annie Sloan Unfolded.

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About Lisa

Lisa Rickert, founder and CEO of Annie Sloan Unfolded, began her career in supply chain management for multiple Fortune 500 companies until her passion for Annie Sloan and an unfulfilled creativity steered her into an endeavor of her own. Since 2010, Lisa oversees the marketing, sales and distribution of Annie Sloan products in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. She is passionate about life, family, and the shared joy of others fulfilling their creative desires through their individual experiences with Chalk Paint™ brand decorative paint.

4 comments on “The Journey Has Just Begun…

  1. Lorrie on said:

    the journey has just begun for myself too. I am on my 3rd project. I love your paints. I am in North Phoenix and lucky to have paints nearby. congrats on the blog!

  2. Steve Story on said:

    Great start !!!!

  3. amy@maison decor on said:

    So glad you are going to blog! It will be awesome and pretty soon you will go nowhere without camera in hand!

  4. janet metzger on said:

    I subscribed!!!!

    Janet xox

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