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Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is Made in the USA

20th July

Last year, I had a chance to to tour Davis Paint Co., the paint factory that makes Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan for distribution in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Davis Paint Co. is based in the good ole industrial heartland of Kansas City, Missouri.

Of course, Annie Sloan developed Chalk Paint® over 20 years ago- 1990 to be exact- in Oxford, England.  When I found Annie through her well written book Creating the French Look she was making Chalk Paint® in the UK and selling it throughout the world.  In 2010, Davis Paint Co. began manufacturing Chalk Paint­® for us and it has been a pleasure working with them over the last couple of years.

DSC_0303 copy

I was thrilled about the trip! I can be a bit inquisitive, so I was ready to see factory and understand paint making from start to finish. Of course, I was not privy to the trade secrets, but I did make a cup of paint in the lab. I climbed up the tanks, watched the assembly line and noted where human intervention was required. I heard the cans clacking….this is where is all happens!


Our experience at Davis Paint was humbling and rewarding.  I had the opportunity to meet all of the employees that have a hand in making Annie’s amazing Chalk Paint® and we shared our gratitude for their hard work. We often ask Kevin Ostby, President of Davis Paint Co., to let us treat his employees to lunch, he responds with the humbling reply expressing his own gratitude for keeping his staff so busy, which is important in the still sluggish economy.  I was delighted to hear that Davis Paint Co. has hired more employees and is making an impact in their community.  I do have to admit that it puts me at ease to know that we are contributing to the success of small businesses.  Small business after all employ 50% of the workers in the US private sector and 99% in Canada.


Lynn & Allen Bandyk (Bella B Decor), Jill & Jeff Lee (Davis Paint), Jason Mobley (Annie Sloan Unfolded), Kevin & Jean Ostby (Davis Paint), Scott & Lisa Rickert (Annie Sloan Unfolded)

While I was in Kansas City, I took a quick drive into Kansas to meet our Stockist Lynn at her shop in Paola.  It was my first drive through Kansas and it was gorgeous. There were golden blooms covering fields for miles.  It was so nice seeing Lynn and her amazing shop Bella B Decor.


I just loved the feel of her shop, the exposed brick and hardwood floors were rich with culture and history of the Mid-West.


I can’t wait until my next visit…see you soon!