My Blog Journey Has Begun

23rd April

There seems to be a few distinct groups of people in this tech savvy world we live in – those who blog as their business, those who blog about their business, those who follow, and let’s not forget about those who don’t have a clue what a blog is. I’m sad to say that that before I met Annie Sloan, I was definitely in the latter category.  Annie was the first person to expose me to the idea of a blogger and I questioned how this could be so popular.  I didn’t know enough to embrace it.  I started to dabble and read and bounce around to get familiar with this whole new virtual world of creativity.

At that time, life was moving way too fast.  I just introduced Annie’s products to the US and recruited my first 7 Stockists. Within the same breath, I made a decision to bring Annie Sloan to the US for her first American Tour, plan the kick-off in New Orleans on March 1, 2011, and was trying to finish my new home…all while I was about 37 weeks pregnant with a BIG baby boy.  I can honestly say I would pat my belly every day and say to Christian, “be a good little baby and stay in there until we kick off the Tour.”   He did listen!

The Stockists Kick-off Party 2011…whew I made it!

During this crazy time, my Stockist Patty Seaman from New Jersey, mentioned that she was contacted by a DIY blogger, Miss Mustard Seed, and asked if I would be willing to send her some product to try.  Of course I would- sounded like a great idea!  Little did I know that Miss Mustard Seed would change my perceptions of blogs FOREVER!  On March 17, 2001 she posted this.